How does this work?
  • It's Simple! Send me an email ( inquiring about a special header.
  • Let me know what you are looking for...what is your basic idea?
  • Have a theme in mind (beach, tropical, retro, flowery, etc)
  • Think about colors.
  • Do you like certain fonts (simple, ornate, exotic, girly)
  • What size does this has to be?
Next steps
  • Before the real work begins I need to receive full payment (hey, it's only $40.00...and it shows you are committed). I only use's very easy and secure.
  • Then I get to work!
  • My goal is to have the header done within 1-2 working days
  • I email you back some examples and you choose what you like
  • Once you choose your header, I require the rest of payment and will send you the Jpeg
*Important Note*
  • Creating a header should take less than 3 hours of time. However, if it does become labor intensive and includes multiple revisions I will bill $20 per hour for each additional hour.